Coming up for air

Since my last post, I had a breakdown, I have received a lot of support. Friends and family reached out and even people I haven't spoken to in a while. Some people sent me messages saying how much they related to my post. It seems crazy to think how much one blog post impacted the... Continue Reading →

I had a breakdown

Sometimes the world moves too fast for me to comprehend. It feels like I am on a different timeline than everyone else. For weeks I had been saying the words: ā€œIā€™m fine, how are you?ā€ and I believed those words. I believed that if I said them enough times, I would be fine. Everything would... Continue Reading →

September Favourites

September marked the beginning of Spring here in South Africa, which meant I had to change my makeup routine a little to compete with the weather changes. Spring and summer usually brings a lot of humidity and heat, and since I was blessed with the sweating-gene, I really need to change up the way I... Continue Reading →

Travel Photography Tips

Traveling is a fantastic way to explore new places, experience new cultures and make some epic memories. We all want those Instagramable (that is a word now) photographs. So, here are some tips to achieve them: Take a few extra seconds Taking a photo is creating art. Take a fe extra seconds to move things... Continue Reading →

Ted Talks

This week has been a week of listening to Ted talks. I have found a few I really think everyone should listen to. It ranges from serious to funny so strap in, connect to the wifi and check these out: Basically any video containing James Veitch. He is ridiculously funny. ( Teach every child about... Continue Reading →

What I Eat In A Day

As I mentioned in my first post of the month, I have started to focus on my health again. I am not only doing this for weight loss but just to be healthier in general. I don't eat the food below every single day, but this is typically what I eat in a day: BREAKFAST... Continue Reading →

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