Matric Farewell 2018

This passed Friday, my brother and my best friend had their matric farewell and I had the amazing opportunity to capture them. It was a cloudy afternoon by a mansion that added to the overall aesthetic of the photographs. Belinda wore a green dress she got from House Of Superior of Clothing. My brother, Nico... Continue Reading →


Why I don’t have a Niche

According to Urban dictionary, a niche is "a position or activity that particularly suits somebody's talents and personality or that somebody can make their own". According to every blogger in history, a niche is a must have to attract people to your site. Now, I understand why having a niche is important. When people visit... Continue Reading →


Spring to me means new beginnings. New life and a fresh start. Usually when spring rolls around I tend to do a thorough cleaning of my room. However, we did move recently and I am still unpacking. So this year I decided that I was going to set up resolutions for the remainder of the... Continue Reading →

Instameet 2

On Saturday 18 August my friends and I woke up at 3:45. We got dressed, complained about the cold and piled into the car. We were going on a trip and my car was the rocket ship. I never was one for early mornings, but to be honest, there is something about waking up early... Continue Reading →

I went to an Instameet

A little while ago I sent a dm to a photographer I admire. I asked him if I could join him on his next shoot to which he replied yes! A few days later he invited me to join him and a few friends to take photographs. We arrived at 6 am the Saturday, it... Continue Reading →

Haunted Hospital

On Thursday, I adventured with a group of friends to the Kempton Park Hospital. The hospital was abandoned on 1996 for no apparent reason, except bankruptcy. There are thousands of horror stories and conspiracy theories surrounding the hospital. We went to investigate. We started but slipping the security guard a R50 each, and then he... Continue Reading →

Winter Must-Haves

Winter is my favourite time of the year. I love drinking warm beverages, dressing stylish and the fact that my make up doesn’t melt off is always a bonus. But, winter is also the time of the year where my skin dries up like the Sahara dessert. I compiled a list of things I can’t... Continue Reading →

Room Dècor

I’d say I spend 95% of my time on Pinterest looking at DIY’s, Photography and decoration ideas. My room is constantly changing based on the new ideas I came across or inspirations I found. I’d like to think of myself as a creative person. My mind is constantly changing. I made the following decorations for... Continue Reading →

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