Room Dècor

I’d say I spend 95% of my time on Pinterest looking at DIY’s, Photography and decoration ideas. My room is constantly changing based on the new ideas I came across or inspirations I found.

I’d like to think of myself as a creative person. My mind is constantly changing. I made the following decorations for my room by keeping in mind how much I want to change my room around every second week or so. These ideas are easy to make your own and be creative with.

Books as decor

decor ideas4

decor ideas2.JPG

One of my new favourite ways to utilize all the books I have is to make it into décor staples. I used two red and white books and placed two Eiffel towers on it, this created a cute look and I had something to do with the books whilst I wasn’t reading them.

Next, I really wanted to use the series I am currently reading. I displayed them upright and tied them with a light yellow ribbon to keep them from fall over easily. I then took a mason jar and placed fairy lights in it. I placed the jar next to the books and let some of the fairy lights go over the books. I placed the battery pack on the opposite side. At night I like to have a little bit of light in my room so I used the fairy lights as a sort of night light.


Using plants is one of the oldest tricks in the book and by far one of my favourite ways to add colour and life to my room. I used succulents, leafy greens and different plant pots. I repurposed on of my mom’s glass jars and had other planters on hand.

decor ideas3.JPG

Adding plants to your room is a great way to add earthy elements and plants go with anything.

Hanging photographs

Okay, so here Tumblr played a big role. I have seen this decoration done a thousand times and I have always wanted to do it myself. So, I finally decided to do it. I had the photographs printed, used some string, fairy lights and hammered nails into the wall.

decor ideas1.JPG

I actually really love how it turned out. Since I am a photographer I felt this was a great way to show off my passion.

Displaying things already in my room

I love jewelry and make up. I used a planter I bought a while back to place my make up brushes in. It made for a cool decoration on my vanity along with displaying my most used jewelry.

decor ideas5.JPG

You can use pretty much anything as decorations if you really want to. What are some things you use as décor?


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