Haunted Hospital

On Thursday, I adventured with a group of friends to the Kempton Park Hospital. The hospital was abandoned on 1996 for no apparent reason, except bankruptcy. There are thousands of horror stories and conspiracy theories surrounding the hospital. We went to investigate.39129477_894528374083770_4451303981020348416_n

We started but slipping the security guard a R50 each, and then he took us to the start of our journey, the morgue. The morgue had an eerie feel to it, it was dark and there was still blood on the table. We made our way through a bunch of dark passages, rooms and floors. We came across a room that was empty except for a single chair. We found rooms filled with old files, pentagrams, old machinery and glass.

We explored the ICU, children’s ward, and the nurses quarters. One of the buildings at the stairs there were thousands and thousands of dead bees. We climbed about 9 flights of stairs and climbed through windows. It all felt very creepy and like someone was watching our every move. We also came across a room that had burnt down. There was an old pamphlet, submerged in oil that didn’t burn at all.


When we left the hospital we asked the security about the room that burned down and he told us that there was no one there at the time of the fire and that there was no apparent cause of the fire. He also told us that back when the hospital was still running, there was a doctor who killed 18 babies and that when urban explorers visit at night they report that they could hear babies crying and a mother screaming.

Over all we enjoyed the experience, even if it was really creepy. We got some awesome photographs and became closer as a group.

The hospital will be demolished next year after more than two decades of being empty. It felt like you walked into a time capsule.

Haunted hospitals aren’t my scene but this was still a very unique experience.


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