21 Things I learned in 21 Years

I recently turned 21 years old, yes I got a key and had a big birthday bash. I turned a whole year older and thus a whole year wiser (or so I tell myself).

Last year I did a post 20 Things I learned in 20 years and this I definitely wanted to do another one. So here goes:

  1. I was not made for mornings.
  2. Coffee can fix basically any bad mood.
  3. You are going to want more than one tattoo eventually, even if you were sure that you’d only ever get one.
  4. Compliment strangers as much as possible, you never know what battles they are fighting.
  5. You won’t feel broken forever.
  6. Highschool drama really doesn’t matter after school.
  7. Appreciate what you have.
  8. You aren’t responsible for how people treat you or what happens, but you are responsible for how you react.
  9. You really don’t always need a straw. Save the turtles.
  10. You have to advance passed only knowing how to make cereal someday, so get to it.
  11. Don’t wait until the day/night before the assignment is due to do it.
  12. Read “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck” By Mark Manson.
  13. Change is inevitable.
  14. Make your bed every morning. If you have a bad day at least you don’t have to still make your bed when you get home.
  15. Fairy lights can make anything look better.
  16. If someone hugs you, don’t let go until they do. You don’t know how long they just need to feel comforted.
  17. Disney movies really were made for adults.
  18. You don’t have to wear makeup everyday. Let your skin breathe.
  19. Drink water.
  20. Just because you CAN eat ice cream everyday, doesn’t mean that you should.
  21. All you need is 20 Seconds of insane courage.

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