Instameet 2

On Saturday 18 August my friends and I woke up at 3:45. We got dressed, complained about the cold and piled into the car. We were going on a trip and my car was the rocket ship.

I never was one for early mornings, but to be honest, there is something about waking up early that just makes you feel more passionate. When we arrived at the SAA Aviation Museum it was around 4°C, windy and very dark. We were of the first 100 people and we received free coffee, which made everything a little better. Now, you are probably wondering why we were crazy enough to wake up so early and drive all the way to Germiston on a Saturday morning? Well, you see, we went to an Instameet that was organized by We explore Za.

There were over 300 people, setting a new record for instameets in South Africa. Canon sponsored the event and gave out a bunch of free stuff. There were models, photographers and videographers. We captured photographs inside the aircrafts, outside the aircrafts and underneath the aircrafts. I also met up with a few other friends.

The best part about the event was the people. They were friendly, creative and always willing to help. I felt very sorry for the models, dressed in minimal clothing in the cold.

I got some really cool photographs:

Airport museum1Airport museum2Airport museum3Airport museum4Airport museum5Airport museum6Airport museum7

The event went beyond my expectations and I am keen for the next one.



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