Why I don’t have a Niche

According to Urban dictionary, a niche is “a position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make their own”. According to every blogger in history, a niche is a must have to attract people to your site.

Now, I understand why having a niche is important. When people visit your blog, they want to know what you write about so that in the future when they want to know about that specific topic, they know where to go. It’s kind of like when you want to buy clothes. You know Mr Price or Factory sells clothes, so you would go there. The same goes with blogs.

I know that Lisa Eldridge is a beauty blogger, so naturally whenever I want to see beauty related topics, I go to her blog.

That being said, a lot of people have stopped identifying with just one niche. Take Tanya Burr for example, she talks about her travels, beauty and anything in between. Kalynn Nicholson blogs about travel, food and fashion. What I am getting at is that having a niche is not all that important to me personally. I mean, sure it is cool to know exactly where to go whenever you need to find something specific, but I tried having a niche and it never worked out.

The thing is, I am a very creative person and I want to know how to do everything by myself. If something is broken show me how to fix it, so next time I can do it myself. If you want to hang something up on the wall, teach me how to do it. When it comes to having a niche I feel like it boxes me in. I like various topics and I love writing. I wanted to be a travel blogger, but the truth is I don’t travel enough to create the content I want to. I wanted to be a beauty blogger, but I don’t have all the latest and greatest products. I wanted to be a photography blogger, but the thing is sometimes I want to focus more on the story telling part than the actual photography.

2018-06-23 01.49.22 1.jpg

So I combined it all. I knew that having only one niche would cause me to be bored. I decided from the start that a niche is not for me. I guess I kind of created my own niche in a way. I wanted my audience to know that they could find all kinds of content on my blog. From beauty to lifestyle, from travel to photography and food.

When I started the blog I didn’t want to just be one thing. I wanted to be my own thing. Blogging to me is a way to combine all the things I love, all the hobbies I have into one blog. I can be creative. I can change things up and it would seem normal. I mean wouldn’t it be weird if I was a food blogger and suddenly I post about makeup?

Having a niche can really help you build an audience, but it also forces you into a corner. I have no issues with having a niche, I read blogs from a lot of niche-based bloggers and I love it. I just decided to do my own thing.

Do you prefer blogs with or without a niche?


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