18 Things I learned In 2018

2018 Was a year full of lessons, challenges and growth. I grew more in 2018 than I ever thought possible.

I compiled a list of things I learned and realized in 2018

  1. Speak up.
  2. Don’t get involved in other people’s drama.
  3. Do not wait until the night before to do your project.
  4. Eating healthy really makes a difference in your confidence.
  5. It’s okay to remove toxic people from your life without an explanation.
  6. I am not ready for a relationship.
  7. The Walking Dead is an awesome TV Series.
  8. Drinking a lot of water will help you feel better and it will clear your skin.
  9. Studying what you love will introduce you to like minded people.
  10. Take some risks.
  11. Taking a social media break is important for your own well-being.
  12. Clean your room when you are feeling depressed, it makes you feel good after.
  13. Go out, have fun. But also work hard.
  14. Anxiety can be expressed in many ways, not just panic attacks.
  15. Put Honey and Hazelnut syrup in your coffee. You will thank me later.
  16. Depression is NOT a weakness.
  17. Your mom sometimes just need a hug.
  18. Sometimes people aren’t meant to be in your life forever.

I hope that I continue to grow positively in 2019 as I did in 2018.

What are some things you learned in 2018?


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