Travel Photography Tips

Traveling is a fantastic way to explore new places, experience new cultures and make some epic memories.

We all want those Instagramable (that is a word now) photographs. So, here are some tips to achieve them:

  • Take a few extra seconds

Taking a photo is creating art. Take a fe extra seconds to move things around in the frame (if possible). For example, when I want to take a photograph of my food or beverages, I will make sure the over all setting is appealing. So I will move any unwanted items out of the frame.

  • Angles, Angles, Angles

Getting unique photos requires you to think out of the box. So, get low to take some photos or stand on a chair to get a bird’s eye view. Maybe do one upside down? This will not only look ridiculously cool, but it will make yout travel photos stand out.

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  • Composition and Leading Lines

Using negative space, the rule of thirds and some leading lines is a great way to take your photo from eh to AH!!!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
  • Shoot through things

In one of the photos my brother took of me, he shot through some plants into the restaurant. It framed the photo and made the photo just much more interesting.

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  • Outfits

When my brother and I travel we focus on what we are going to wear, mainly because I am a photographer and I want to get those Instagramable shots. But, dressing the part really steps up the photo. If you wear outfits matching your scenery and vie it can make it a lot more anestheticaly pleasing.

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  • Natural is better

Focusing too much on posing your subject can cause you to focus more on the photo than the trip. Put the camera down sometimes or capture those natural moments when no one notices.

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  • Tripods and Gorillapods

If you are not a professional photographer a tripid can become a hassle to carry. I usually take my tripod everywhere in case I want to capture a sunset or take photos of myself.

But, if it is too difficult a gorillapod is the way to go. It is basically a smaller more flexible tripod that is easier to travel with.

  • Hands and Feet

If you don’t want your face in the photo but still want to be part of the photo, hands and feet are the way to go.

  • Small Props

Things like hats and sunglasses are great and easy to travel with. It can be used in the conventional way or as props that you can easily sneak into the frame.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
  • Know your body

If you want photos of yourself, knowing your angles and the way you should pose will be a big time saver. Practice in the mirror before hand and check out some YouTube videos. It really helps.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I hope these 10 tips are helpful.

What is yout fave travel destination ? Let me know in the comments !!

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