Travel Photography Tips

Traveling is a fantastic way to explore new places, experience new cultures and make some epic memories. We all want those Instagramable (that is a word now) photographs. So, here are some tips to achieve them: Take a few extra seconds Taking a photo is creating art. Take a fe extra seconds to move things... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Should Attend Your Local Instameets

Over the last year I have been to quite a few Instameets. Instameets are such great events, for both photographers and models. Here is why: It is great for networking. You meet a lot of like minded people, and people who want to grow their businesses. You meet people from all walks of life.You get... Continue Reading →

Saturday Adventures

Having been inside all week, I welcomed the invitation to go out on Saturday. Saturday was May 4th (May the fourth be with you.) (I haven't seen that movie...) and thus it was Free Comic Book Day at Comic Book Warehouse in Bedford View. I had never been to a comic book store, so I... Continue Reading →

5 Restaurants To Visit In Pretoria

I have basically lived in Pretoria all my life and over the years I have come across some really great restaurants and pubs. Pretoria is a Capital City located in Gauteng, South Africa. On weekends you will find various markets and events happening and during the week you can enjoy the city sights. In this... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Woods and Spiders.

My day started off with meeting Zonè (@zoneoberholzer) at her house and then meeting Alex (@Someshap) at a coffee shop. When we got there he was already there, trying to sneak in a muffin. The reason Alex was there was because he was teaching me how to shoot videos. He told me about concepts, showed... Continue Reading →

Instameet 2

On Saturday 18 August my friends and I woke up at 3:45. We got dressed, complained about the cold and piled into the car. We were going on a trip and my car was the rocket ship. I never was one for early mornings, but to be honest, there is something about waking up early... Continue Reading →

I went to an Instameet

A little while ago I sent a dm to a photographer I admire. I asked him if I could join him on his next shoot to which he replied yes! A few days later he invited me to join him and a few friends to take photographs. We arrived at 6 am the Saturday, it... Continue Reading →

Haunted Hospital

On Thursday, I adventured with a group of friends to the Kempton Park Hospital. The hospital was abandoned on 1996 for no apparent reason, except bankruptcy. There are thousands of horror stories and conspiracy theories surrounding the hospital. We went to investigate. We started but slipping the security guard a R50 each, and then he... Continue Reading →

Cape Town: Day Four and Five

Day Four Our day started off with a breakfast at Spur, we sat by the window and had a view of the ocean. We had a quick breakfast and then headed to Table View. My brother has wanted a tattoo ever since he was little. He is very creative and has admired tattoos forever. My... Continue Reading →

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